Healthcare Security Solutions

Healthcare IT and Security

LABUSA Healthcare Security solutions is design protecting the privacy and safety of your patients. Organizations’ vulnerabilities in information technology and physical security are addressed with services we provide. Our service solutions some of the major issues faced by healthcare industries today;

  • Data-loss-prevention (Protecting from mismanaged emails and faxes)
  • Physical access control (Biometric, 2+Factor ID+PIN)
  • Alarm & Surveillance (Monitor, Record and Alert of events)
  • Technology risk management (Cybersecurity training and services for IT systems)

How You Benefit

The payers, employees, patients, and partners of healthcare organizations are all at risk. From personal health and payment information to intellectual property and safety can be compromised from security failures in healthcare. LABUSA offer information technology solutions in cybersecurity and security training. As well as deployment of access control, alarm & monitoring service, and security surveillance.

How We Achieve It

LABUSA Healthcare Security experts will work with you on the following next steps:

  • Identify the IT and physical security needs for the organization.
  • Develop security solutions that meets the organization’s need.
  • Implement and integrate security systems.
  • Provide ongoing service and support.