Cloud Managed Services

Infrastructure or Software as a Service

Our cloud managed services provides the distributed computing and application support to manage the computing and real-time communications of your organization.

We can manage your public could applications such as social media and email sites or complex public/private application services.

How You Benefit

By offloading your simple and complex IT operations, you save time and money. Cloud services allow you to rapidly deploy advance IT services to support your business. You enjoy the benefits of expensive IT infrastructure and business applications at a fraction of the cost of deploying it in-house.

Additionally, outsourcing the management of these time-consuming applications will allow you more time to focus on the core competencies of the business. Managed firewall services and business analytics enables you to ensure performance and availability of your business application.

How We Achieve It

LABUSA business analysts and consultants will work with you on the following next steps:

  • Identify and assess the cloud computing applications needed for the business
  • Develop a deployment and support plan of the applications .
  • Implement and validate the solution
  • Provide ongoing support and training.